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Spring has sprung and with it we find
ourselves growing in many ways as sunlight and warm temperatures give us cause
to celebrate God’s amazing creation! 
Here’s a photo of our PB&J KIDS celebrating “God’s World” last Wednesday!
It’s so much fun to watch them grow – and grow in faith! 

Our many facets of faith development
happens all week long at RLC.  We are
certainly a seven day a week church with Sunday worship and programming
throughout the week.  With summer right
around the corner  we continue to promote
our many programming options for children in our community.  RLC is well known as “a safe and nurturing
place for kids” throughout the summer. 
Our adult education programs continue to evolve, but often summer is a time
of rest for these groups while kids programming kicks into high gear.

integrate our faith life with the busy world around us. Our challenge is to
continue to evolve with new and exciting ways to embrace our neighbors in a new
century of faith.  There will be mission
trips, camp ministry and several in-house programs planting seeds of faith in
many ways. Please keep these ministry opportunities in your prayers and join us
often for the many things happening at RLC! 
Blessings to your day!  


Mary Beth Weibel,
Minister of Faith Development

MAY 07 - 10 Disney's Beauty and the Beast

 Richfield Lutheran Church's photo.

Be our Guest - for a tale as old as time!
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
returns to the RLC stage!

May 07 @ 6 p.m.
May 08 & 09 @ 7 p.m.
May 09 & 10 @ 2 p.m.
Tickets $10/adults $8/seniors $7/students and kids

Two ways to order tickets:
By phone:
Box Office 612 861 2265 x3

By e-mail:

Limited seating performances - order today!


Thank you everyone for a grat evening....the Ole & Lena Spaghetti Dinner, Silent Auction and Uff Da Good Time show raised over $5000 for kids to go to camp!  Thank you so much.  And RLC sends a special blessing to Tina & Lena as they continue their Last Hurrah Ha Ha Tour this summer into retirement






May 17 Make Sandwiches - Feed Others - Feel Good!


"I was hungry and you gave me food..."
Common Grounds Community Center's photo.
May 17 will be a great "Service with Service" Sunday at the Common Grounds Community Center

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? After a short gathering with song and scripture....we will join together as a community to learn about 363days.orgfrom founder Allan Law. Then we will make hundreds of sandwiches for Allan to distribute to the homeless in our community.

WHEN CAN I DO THIS? Join us May 17 at 10:45 a.m.at Common Grounds Community Center located on the west end of Richfield Lutheran Church

HOW CAN I HELP? CALL MARY BETH AT 612.861.2265 x3 to sign up so we can plan assembly line space for everyone!!!
WHAT CAN I BRING? BETWEEN MAY 03 and May 09  if possible bring one of the following: a loaf of sandwich bread, a package of processed meat (ham, turkey or bologna), american processed cheese slices (no deli please) or zip lock sandwich bags and your willingness to serve God by Serving Others.

HOW CAN I SERVE? All ages, all abilities - together we will make a difference in the fight against hunger in our community!

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHERS WHO WANT TO HELP MAKE SANDWICHES:  https://www.facebook.com/events/348551198679476/


  http:// www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/10/allan-law-feeds-the-homeless_n_5966246.html


Common Grounds Community Center Offers Worship, Fellowship and Community!

Richfield Lutheran Church's photo.
A New Way to Meet in the Middle...

For Worship, For Fellowship, For Growth.

Looking for a new style of faith community that works to "be church" not just " do church?" Our 10:45 worship moved to the newly rennovated space last January.  Together with casual worship opportunities that welcome people to join together in conversation, word, song and prayer - we will be hosting monthly gatherings for service and community building as things unfold. 

What does that include? Honestly we don't know all the possibilities but we would love to have you be a part of the "dream team" of this new style of worship and fellowship that will begin the new year "on Common Grounds."

On Sunday January 04, as part of it's 100th year kick off, Richfield Lutheran Church dedicated this new worship space: 

Common Grounds Community CenterCommon Grounds Community Center.  
April 26 - Earth Sunday Worship and TED TALK
MAY 15 - Sing a long Song Coffee House
and Game Night!
We are excited for the other possibilities that it may include as the new year unfolds.

Please pray for this new adventure and join us whenever you can!

PB&J Bible Adventures brings Godly Play to Wednesdays

 PB&J Kids = Praise, Beauty and Joy!  6:30 p.m. for preschoolers - 3rd graders!

Faith, Fun and Fellowship rolled into an hour every Wednesday evening!  Community welcome - volunteers welcome!


No, we don't serve peanut butter - but we do serve up a fun hour of learning about Praise, Beauty and Joy - in a fun adventure format that throws "Sunday School" out the window!

Each week - kids (preschool - 3rd grade) learn how to live life with Godly play, story, craft and snack!

A fun hour of faith-filled learn...ing that doesn't seem like school at all!

Open to all children in our community!
Wednesday Nights - 6:30 - 7:30
A free community program for everyone!

Richfield Lutheran Church
Call if questions - Mary Beth 612,861,2265 x3,

Sunday School on Wednesdays for Preschool - 3rd Grade

We offer Faith Education during our Wednesday Night Live programming- see below

Wednesday Nights - our Faith Education fun is now on Wednesdays so families can worship together each Sunday.  Join us for "Bible Adventures A-Z" each Wednesday night for preschool - 3rd graders.  An hour of faith, fun and fellowship for littles to enjoy learning at their level.  The Evening also includes:

-Family Style Dinner @ 5:00 p.m. - free will donation accepted

-Choir Options as follows: 5:30 (kids) 6:30 (adult bells) and 7:30 (adult choir)

-The Youth Theater Company rehearses 5:30 - 8:30 with many options for parents to also help as production crew.

-**NEW** this year is Godly Play for littles and their parents or family members from 6:00 - 6:30 for those not involved in theater rehearsal.

-Bible/Book discussion with Pastor Rolf also starts in later September with a series on "Unbinding the Gospel" from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. and our Women of Faith Coffee and Conversation Saturdays continue November 09.

There are also many other faith, fun and fellowship groups that resume in the fall - look here for more details each week! 

Registration Form Required for 2013/14 Programming

Richfield Lutheran is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing place for all our programming, theater and activities for children.  We require that we have information about a child and their family contact information before we start any multi-day program.  Please tale time to fill out the attached form and bring it to one of the beginning sessions of your child's course work.  For those returning, please fill out a new form if you have changed any of the contact information or something has arisen that we need to know about as RELC staff.  A current form can be found at the bottom of this article.  Thank you!

New layer...

News From Faith Development



We continue to find ways to warm out heart in these cold midwinter days.  Our complexion of what makes up a congregation of faithful people may be different then ten or twenty years ago.  But…regardless we are seeing children, teens and adults who are doing good works for God’s people in many different and new creative ways.  In this issue of The Good News you can see all kinds of ways we are reaching out to others with the love, care and compassion of Christ. 

My questions and challenge to each of us is “How do we support the many ministries of RELC?” Each of us is called to support the body of Christ in our many ministries – even if it is not a ministry we are directly part of.  How can we do that?  Simple.  We can each pray, attend, contribute, donate and positively uplift with others all the wonderful things happening at RELC (whether we participate in the ministry or not.)  Of course, not everything will be for everyone – but we can build positive energy through support in our positive conversations and prayers about what is happening that will make RELC strong into the next 100 years.  This photo alone show our future in the children and families of RELC as they make Valentine Day flower arrangements for use in the weeks ahead for coffee hour and other events in the Fellowship Hall.  Let us always embrace each other – each of us - as a vital part of the body of Christ.  Together we are making firm and solid footprints in the neighborhood, community and world – and that is a GOOD and GOD thing!  Winter blessings to you!

Mary Beth Weibel, Minister of Faith Development









     “Don’t we do anything but drama around here?”  I hear that question here and there around Richfield Lutheran and thought it might be best to answer it in print for all to read.  The answer is “YES, we do lots of things.  Just come and see!”  Summer is a time when we REALLY do a lot of things for youth and families at RELC.  You see, it is a common fact that ‘when school is off – church is on.”  And during the summer our programming focus is all about “Serving God by Serving Others” with programs, activities and worship services that involve God’s children of all ages.  Member or not, RELC is the place to be for youth and families all summer long– it has been for the past three decades.  The fact is when school is off – there are many families in our congregation and community that need a safe and nurturing place for children who are past the childcare option but too young to be home alone all day.  This is exactly the niche that RELC fills!  This summer we have the following options that include ALL of our congregational children for at least one or more activities and a WHOLE BUNCH of our community families in the south Minneapolis, Richfield and beyond communities.  Each program building on our mission statement by being ambassadors for Christ in the world around us.  Here’s a list of what is happening this summer:

PB&J Kids Adventure Camp (June)                      Mission Trip 2012 (June)

Luther Park Bible Camp (June)                           Summer Drama Camp (July)

Show Choir Camp (July)                                     Ecology Camp (August)

And in between fun afternoons where we host congregational and community kids for:  Random Acts of Kindness (RAK Attacks) , RELC, clean & organize the church closets and bulletin board teams, flower water & weed teams, bible discussion groups, 4C programs, Feed My Starving Children packing teams, fun outings for all youth, lock-ins for (middle school plus) and late-ins for younger kids, art nights, worship team leaders at The 10:45, host park activities and youth leadership training. 

Anything but drama – absolutely!  But remember, we also do drama VERY WELL and we should be proud to be one of the “best church theaters” in the twin cities area!  Please keep the children and our program staff in your thoughts and prayers.   And if you are around the church during the week this summer – look for us!  We’ll be there creating a safe and nurturing place for God’s children!   Thanks for your support!

Mary Beth Weibel,    Minister of Faith Development


SUMMER CAMP OPTIONS - without leaving home!!!

Who wants to go to school in the summer?  RLC offers four fun summer camp options throughout the summer to nurture faith, fun and fellowship options in every child's life!  


For planning purposes – please
pre-register early so we can plan space, busses and materials just for
you!  Some scholarships are available for
all programs.

PB&J Kids Adventure Camp

May 27-29
from 9:30 – noon.  Preschool through 2nd
grade.  Free – advanced registration
  A three day adventure of
PB&J (praise, beauty and joy) as children learn about the world around them
through interactive fun and activites – designed just for their size.  Themes will include art, stories, songs and
small group activities.

“Once Upon a Musical” Summer Drama

July 06 – 10
from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Kindergarten – 5th
Grade.  $50/actor - advanced
registration requested.
  Designed for
young actors, this program provides theater education and a full musical
experience for everyone.  All actors will
learn all about musical theater from audition to performance.  Two final public performances on Friday
afternoon and evening. 

“I’m a Gleek” Show Choir Camp

July 13-17 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Grades 5th – 12th$65.00/attendee - advanced
registration requested
.  In their fifth
season, the “RLC Sing-sations” will learn the art of show choir performance
through a complete song and dance set. 
The group will perform their 2015 summer set in Friday Night’s musical
cabaret for the public.

All Creatures Great and Small Animal
Adventure Camp ***new program***

July 27-July 31 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
preschool – 5th grade
$50.00/child - advanced registration required.  “Big or small – we love them all” is the theme of our new adventure
camp that will explore why and how each creature is important to the world
around us.  Daily field trips will take
the campers out into the world for fun afternoon adventures and hands-on
learning in the environment.  Cost
includes at least three bus trip adventures throughout the week plus two days
of in house guest speakers.




Beauty and the Beast Comes to Life this Spring




May 07 @ 6:00 p.m.

May 08 & 09 @ 7:00 p.m.

May 09 & 10 @ 2:00 p.m.

Tickets on sale starting April 01

BOX OFFICE: 612 861 2265 x3



Commitment and attendance for most rehearsals IS REQUIRED.....

QUESTIONS: contact: mbweibel@usa.net






at Richfield Lutheran Church.  Call 612.861.2265 for details



Reaching out to our community through Weavers Wholeness Center


Almost two years ago the RELC Weavers Wholeness Center was established to better serve the needs of at-risk families and individuals in our community.  Since then a hot meal and fellowship is offered from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. each Sunday at no charge.  There is a steady participation of 40-50 guests each week plus a crew of faithful RELC servants cooking and mingling.  We have seen friendships develop among the regulars and volunteers and we pray that those hours nurture all in body and soul.


During the past year there have been a number of special holiday events and photos of the Weaver’s Christmas Dinner are included here.  As you can see, there are lots of smiles.  All enjoyed singing, creating greeting cards for nursing home residents, putting together food baskets and dinner with Santa.


WEAVERS is funded entirely outside the RELC annual budget and relies on donations of food (thanks Turtle Bread and Cub), time, and money. To keep this ministry healthy and growing, we need your support.


A Century Ago....

In The Beginning 


In the summer of 1914, the area around our current church looked nothing like it does today.  At that time, Richfield was a little truck farming area with no sidewalks or paved roads.  It was the little village in the shadow of the "big city" of Minneapolis.  It didn't even have public transportation yet.  The streetcar line stopped at the Minneapolis city limits on 50th street and the old Dan Patch railroad line ended at 59 1/2 street on the west side of Nicollet Avenue.  On the east side of Nicollet, just about where CUB Foods currently stands, a pasture was home to cows, chickens and other farm animals.  

     Times have changed and Richfield Lutheran has changed but the faithful continue to evolve.  Exactly 100 years to the day, on January 04, 1915, the community of faith known as Richfield Lutheran Church was born.  A century later we celebrate our rich history and the thousands of people who found RELC to be a place of faith, a place of learning, a place of community.  


Today we hold worship close to that original house pictured above, located at 58


th & Clinton.  We are blessed with a wonderful facility that has replaced wooden boards laid across barrels for people to sit, borrowed hymnals and a portable pump organ with a few keys that didn't work because the mice had chewed through the bellows.  Times have changed and Richfield Lutheran has changed but the faithful continue to evolve.  Exactly 100 years ago to the day, on January 04, 1915, the community of faith known as Richfield Lutheran Church was born.  A century later we celebrate our rich history and the thousands of people who found RELC to be a place of faith, a place of learning, a place of community.  



     The times have changed and our worship styles, facilities and music have evolved.  We continue to gather as a community of faith, boldly envisioning new and creative ways to praise God to a new generation of people.  And yet one thing never changes: we continue to live by God's promise heard that first Sunday a century ago, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20). 


HaRichfield Lutheran Churchppy 100th Birthday, RELC! Follow us here or on Facebook for upcoming centennial celebration year activities, worships and events.



"THE GOOD NEWS" electronic copy - church monthly newsletter

RLC's church newsletter - the Good News - has gone to monthly issues starting with October 2014.  Click below for the latest issues in electronic form!For more information or a printed copy - contact Bonnie Nichols @ 612.861.2265 x1

WELCOME - Come B.R.E.W. with us...

Welcome to Richfield Lutheran Church!

Come B.R.E.W. community with us this fall - as we striving to be a place that is Building Relationships - Enhancing theWorld each and every day!  We are blessed to be a thriving Christian community centered on God’s grace in the Lutheran  tradition. We welcome all who seek to meet the Risen Christ in worship and ministry and serve our community in his name. Actually, our mission statement lays it out: Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church (RELC)Reaching out to Everyone with the Love ofChrist. We strive to embody our faith and mission in our own community and across the globe with partners nearby (Latino, African American, Russian) and in Tanzania.  We invite you to join us in this mission as we share the truth and love of God in Jesus Christ.  So, if you are part of this congregation, I thank God for you and your participation with us.  If you are just begining acquainted with us, we look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you the wonder of this faith we share!  Welcome and God bless you!

 Pastor Rolf Olson

  Join us in Service at The Weavers Wholeness Center!

Free Community Meals to Serve or Receive every Sunday   afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall 


ALL are welcome! 

 Come B.R.E.W. with us this week!

Kum Single Kum Double Group - A Fellowship Fun Group

The KSKD group of RELC invites everyone to join them for monthly fun events.  Below is a list of their current year of programs.  For more information and a brochure on the group - call the church office at 612 861 2265





Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wild Goose Chase Cloggers at church, 6 p.m. with chicken dinner served.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Step back in history with Mrs. Abigail Snelling, at RELC,

dessert only, at 6:30 p.m.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saint Patrick Night at RELC – 6:00pm



No events scheduled this month.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Off site, Mill City Museum Tour


June, 2014-Off Site Twins Game


All activities are subject to change.  Please address questions to       Ulrica Sherry or Betty Hughes.


All are welcome!

2013 Happenings in Pictures as we BREW Community

RLC IS THE PLACE TO BE....TO B.R.E.W.Community!  WE celebrate fall and the return of programs and activities that were on hiatus during the summer!  Check back often as we work in our neighborhood and the world as we strive to do God's work with our hands each and every day!  Here's our fall banner that invites you to be part of our B.R.E.W. Crew!

Here are just a few pictures of highlights throughout the year at RELC.  Check back often as we update the page as new pictures are available!

PB&J Kids create praise, beauty and joy as they plant flowers!


working together at the Weavers Wholeness Center

Senior weekday worship for homebound and shut-ins




Waiting for lunch at the outdoor worship service in Veteran's Park


Summer Drama Camp brings 46 actors to the stage




Show Choir camp bring the art of "Glee" back for a fourth season with the RELC Sing-sations!


"An Evening Under the Stars" Broadway Cabaret brought cool performances to a hot July Friday night and a great crowd to watch the show!!


TRASH ART Creations during Creation Keeper Camp!


Youth created and ran a Penny Arcade to raise funds for Feed My Starving Children

The Mid Summer Bash on August 4th rounded out a fun summer of faith, fun and fellowship in our neighborhood, community and our world!

Our summer musical presentation of "Guys & Dolls" was well attended and brought much laughter to our community through the wonder of musical theater!































Aladdin Performance Sparks Newspaper Article


It was a great weekend of theater at Richfield Lutheran COmmunity Theater Hop a Carpet and Fly to Disney's Aladdin Jrwhere our youth theater company performed Disney's Aladdin Jr.  If you missed the show - you can see below in pictures one of our highlights with "A Whole New World" featuring our lead actor Harrison Wendt as Aladdin, Mivi Nguyen as Jasmine and Sierra Magnuson as the Magic Carpet.  They are but three of our 42 actors and crew for this show.  Theater is great at RELC but more inportantly is the sense of community and relationship building that is spawned when we build a show together.  For more information on that - check out the Sun Current Newspaper article at the link http://current.mnsun.com/2013/05/richfield-lutheran-theatre-program-creates-community-inside-and-outside-church





Join us Mother’s Day Weekend for…


May 09 - 12, 2013
May 09 6:00 p.m.
May 10 & 11 7:00 p.m.
May 11 & 12 2:00 p.m.

Adults $10.00 Students & Children $7.00
Tickets on sale now! Reserved limited seating performances!

Register Now for Youth Programs - Form Attached

RELC continues to provide a variety of programs for youth and families each year.  As with all programs, we continually update our data bank with emergency contact and phone number info on all program participants.  If you have auditioned for "Rock Nativity" we have your new 2012/13 registration information.  If not, we ask that you fill out the attached form and bring it to the office when you are next at RELC. We continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children and appreciate your help in keeping us updated.  Thank you!

November 09 - Confirmation Workshop




At RELC, we realize that the traditional model of Confirmation Class every WEdnesday night, just doesn't fit with the busy lives of youth and families any more. Therefore, we offer a once a month Saturday afternoon workshop. Each workshop starts with a potluck meal - planned and served by our confirmation class for their parents. While the kids prepare the meal, parents have a chance to meet with each other and have conversations before their busy world starts again. After lunch and clean up, parents depart and the work begins! Devotions and check in happen followed by faith formation learning. Each session includes hands-on learning and dialogue and a service project related to the monthly theme. Children learn their bible basics and review at an older age those fundamental things taught in Sunday School. As young adults preparing to live and work in the world, current events are always brought into the mix as we discuss how we will live and work in the world today with all of God's people.

 Each Saturday will be followed by a “service project” the following week. We will also have family service days – TBD and just plain old funday Sundays or other days to round out everything. I will have more details on workshop but here is the basics to put on your calendars.

Workshop always noon – 5 lunch option with kids preparing the meal

Service Project hours TBD



Let us bring your prayer petition to the RELC church family next Sunday morning.  If you have a prayer joy or concern - here's what you do.

1.  Go to the home page


2.  Under "Site Navigation" click the Contact Us tab


3.  List your prayer concern there and we will include it during our next Sunday morning worship.  If you want us to reply to you - please let us know that, too and we will be in touch.


For more immediate concerns - please feel free to contact the church office at 612 861 2265.  God's richest blessings on your day!


Youth Theater Company: Acting and Beyond

Youth Theatre Company - Drama Ministry and Beyond!

This program started by giving young people a chance to explore the world of creative dramatics through community theatre. From there it has grown in the past eleven seasons to a multi-faceted youth theatre company with a place for all.  Those with a love for drama are invited weekly to explore technique and skill development on stage. A love for drama, willingness to memorize, and a commitment to hard work is required for this weekly component. We have two troupes ready for the 2011/12 season; troupes that started meeting again in September.  Below is a company  photo from our most recent production "Godspell" which had theater capacity performances May 15-17, 2011. 

Come and join the fun for this fall.  "Once Upon a Musical" Summer Drama Camp was held the week of July 11-15, 2011.

 The 2011/12 season will include "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" in December 2011; a Winter Comedy  in January, 2012; and The Wizard of Oz in the spring of 2012.  Audition information will be posted closer to each show.

Drama Delights meets from 5:30 until 6:25 Wednesday nights for ages Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Main Stage Players meets from 6:30 until 8:30 Wednesday nights for 5th grade and up.

 Remember - Youth Theatre Company is for actors who want to embrace theatre; it's not designed to be a child care option.  Thank you! 

Y-LIFE Devotions & Discussion

Y-LIFE = Youth-Living in Faith Everyday! This weekly group will take time for scripture and talk that centers around their world as teenagers. Designed for the 6th grade through high school and 18-21 year-old youth mentors groups. Y-LIFE also meets separately for monthly service and fun throughout the year.  With the heavy homework load and schedule of high school, dates and times will be determined by the group as schedules permit.

Serving God by Serving Others

It might be dishwashing for a church dinner; it might be packaing meals at Feed My Starving Children.  But guaranteed, there's always something happening for youth at RELC.  Check out the church calendar or other postings on this website for more information about how youth are furthering God's mission here on earth through faith, fun, fellowship, and service!

Show Choir Camp A Great Sucess!

We Came - We sang - We danced!

The last week of July, 2010 was full of singing and dancing at Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church's first summer show choir camp.  And based on the registration and the talent - it won't be the last time this summer camp is offered!  Complete with the comgs from the popular TV show, "Glee" the RELC Sing-sations belted out the tunes of Journey - to Van Halen - with a ballad of Over the Rainbow!  We definitely won't stop believing that this group will be around again and performing in musicals and cabarets this coming year on the RELC stage!  Welcome to the show, Singsations! To see the entire set - check out the Youtube program here


Drama Troupe Promotes Mentoring Opportunities

The Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church Youth Dessert Theatre Drama Troupe is a great place for mentoring opportunities to happen.  Each week there are many ways in which the "olders help the youngers."  This is seen at the high school level through the lower elementary ages where youth are helping youth in acting, running lines, stage directions, costuming, sets and make up.  There is team work built into the fun and generation to generation mentoring.  It's a great place to grow in spirit and ability.  For more information about how your K-12 grader can be part of the acting experience, call Mary Beth Weibel at (612) 861-2265 x3.

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