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Upcoming worship Events, News and schedules.

October 26-Celebrate Reformation Sunday at RLC

Come celebrate Reformation Sunday at RLC! with a one voice worship at 10:00 a.m.Mary Beth Weibel's photo.


Put very simply, Luther's Reformation was a matter of taking this rediscovered Gospel, showing that it was Scriptural, and then reforming the Church by it. Whatever in the Church was found to contradict this Gospel of salvation by grace through faith was to be reformed. Anything else (if it edified) could be retained.

Luther's Reformation was concerned with essentials, with the very heart of Christianity. It is for this reason that it swept through Europe and had such amazing results. Without this Reformation, there would have been no salvation, for the Gospel would have remained largely hidden. When we celebrate the Reformation, we are celebrating this rediscovered Gospel that we believe in; and we are celebrating our salvation through Jesus Christ.

OCT 22 The Book of Acts Bible Study Continues

Richfield Lutheran Church's photo.

Eight session study of the book of Acts. 6:30 p.m., Wednesday evenings.

September 24 - November 17 - 6:30 p.m.

[Possible second session on Thursday mornings if there is enough interest.]

Join Pastor Olson and others for this fascinating look into the life and struggles of the early Christians. Prison escapes, dramatic healings and conversions, dangerous missionary journeys. Our conversation will focus on what we can learn from our earliest leaders and Christ followers. Free!

Sign up in the church office or call 612 861 2265.

SUMMER 2014 Worship Schedule

Summer 2014   WORSHIP SCHEDULE ………[6-4-2014]


     Preacher    TEXT       


One service @ 10:00 a.m.


June                    15   Rolf  
Matthew 14:22-33    Unbinding #6           

                        22    Rolf    Matt.
            healing service

Phil.4:4-7                rejoice in prayer


July            6  
Matt. 18:1-5, Ps.
19:1-6  [open to
see God’s majesty]  
video: Joshua Bell on

                   13  Rolf   _    ____   theme:
prayer/community/connectedness @ Veterans Park
        Buzz lead

                             June 15 prayer partners meet… new matchups are given

Paul Mdumi  _______      Tanzania Partnership Sunday

                                                                                Rolf gone 24July to
5 August

                   27  Mike   Romans 12    
TEDtalk: Ken Robinson on


August       3   
I Tim.
  TED talk: Ken Robinson “Do what you love”

                                      SUMMER BASH                      

       Mike gone 7-10 August

                   10  Rolf    Psalm
25: 11-21
  TED talk: Brene Brown on shame

                   17  MB   Ephesians 4:32 TED talk: Rabbi Jackie Tabick on

 led by Buzz & youth  July 13 prayer partners connect/update

                   24  Rolf   
Psalm 40; I Cor. 12:4-11  TED talk: Sherry Turkle--connections

                   31  Mike   Psalm 8 [video] Dewitt
Jones: Celebrate what’s right with the world

 Labor Day weekend


The Pastor's Corner


Pastor Rolf Olson

 From the latest issue of "The Good News"

Dear Friends,

Change is in the wind! Obviously, with the impending
departure of Pastor Mike we have staff changes coming. We are certainly sad to
see him go, but we knew it was coming in the next year unless something drastic
changed in our finances (his position has been funded, not by our budget, but
by our three-year Centennial Fund Appeal which ends next August). What does his departure mean for RELC’s

     Short term, it
means that I will preach more and cover all emergencies. I will be in Korea for
three weeks at Thanksgiving so we will have a couple of guest preachers. Also,
it will certainly change leadership for Weavers.

     Long term, we are
working on that. Your leaders are doing some strategic thinking to determine
exactly what outcomes we want to achieve over the next two years. This will
determine how we will allocate ministry tasks and what staff we will consider
hiring. Pastor Mike was called to develop evangelism and young adult ministry.
Weavers Wholeness Center was started to help in these areas. I will spend more
time with Weavers and evangelism. This area will not be dropped! Our strategic
planning team will consider other areas that need attention, such as home
visitation and worship. It is clear that something like the previous Stephen
ministry or our phone calling ministry need to be reconsidered. We have plenty
of caring resources within our congregation!

     Over the month of
September I will preach sermons that outline our current state and directions
that I believe we need to go. As we approach our Centennial year it is timely
that we revisit our mission and how we are living that out. For the past 100
years we have lived with the mindset that people will come to us and that we
need to welcome them. Welcoming people is not enough anymore. Inviting them,  going
to them is the order of the day now. It is a 180 degree turn from our
past patterns. We are not a churched society. Most of our neighbors are clueless
about Jesus except what they see on TV or what we tell them. Our Centennial
Mission Fund and Pastor Mike’s position were based on this new reality. With
his departure we need to consider how we will continue moving into the future.
This will be the focus of my sermons.

     Dear friends: we
have choices to make. Many of these are difficult and emotional. But the world
is moving ahead whether we like it or not. Our choice is how to respond. The
outcomes for us will be determined by the choices we make.

     In all this we
ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me and for our leaders.
It’s a challenging and exciting time. I don’t know what the future holds, but I
know Who holds the future. In that
assurance we move forward. To discuss all this we will offer a congregational
information session on Sunday, Oct. 5 or 12. Please watch for more information.

Your fellow servant,

Pastor Rolf Olson


The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms. And he thrust out the enemy before you and said, ‘Destroy’. (Deuteronomy 33:27)
Dear Friends--
I perceive a lot of anxiety around us these days. There is so much unspoken nervousness and fear about so many things—war, economy, politics, climate, immigration. It seems like our world is constantly on edge with little flexibility. Our relationships go the same way—tense, rigid. I’m sure you’ve seen it and probably experienced it up close and personal.
Never has there been a better reason to have a daily prayer life, a time set aside to simply rest in God’s caring arms and let go. When we are on edge our bodies and spirits wear out. The fear we feel saps the energy that we could use in more positive ways. Those minutes that we give to resting in God’s caring arms permeate every other hour of the day. Our perspective brightens up. Our relationships improve.
From a historical perspective, today’s stresses are more the norm than the exception. In centuries past there were always the fundamental questions of safety (will that other tribe attack us?) and food (will our cops get the rain they need so that we can store up supplies for the winter?), etc. Fear was the dominant emotion.
That’s why the phrase “fear not” is used 365 times in the Bible (one for each day!). That’s why the passage I quoted above is so wonderful. As the hymn says, we “lean on the everlasting arms” of God. God is indeed our dwelling place, not fear, not trouble, not disaster.
How else can we go forward but wrapped in God’s everlasting arms? How else can we recover from tragedy than knowing this is true?
The words which follow our Bible passage complete the thought for us: “So Israel dwelt in safety.” 
God’s promise is that we will dwell there eternally as well. In that promise we can find rest each day.
Pastor Rolf Olson


Dear Friends,
     For the past few days Nancy and I have hosted Pastor Paul Mdumi from Tanzania, and many of you got to meet him. He is a most interesting man. He is a Lutheran pastor and a former student of ours. But he is so much more. He left Wazo Hill congregation a few years ago to get an advanced degree (after our Richfield group worshipped there). During this time he also began a business of supplying food to ships coming into the port of Dar es Salaam. It has gone very well. He has also started three other businesses. On Monday, July 21, we visited an egg farm here so he could learn from American poultry practices. Paul is an eager learner and excellent businessman. 
    I find this inspiring because he connects his faith so closely with his work. He employs over ten people now, some of whom have been hurt in their previous jobs and he has given them a second chance. He gives away generous amounts of his income to help orphans. He bought all sorts of gifts for family and friends while here. In our conversations about whether he should get back in the pulpit (which he deeply wants to do), I told him, “Paul: the Kingdom of God needs more than preachers to accomplish its mission.” He clearly has the gift for building successful businesses.
    It’s all part of stewardship and God’s mission. Each of us has talents to use in serving God’s world. Some preach. Some do electrical or plumbing work. Some teach. Some build businesses. A core belief for Lutherans is “the priesthood of all believers.” By virtue of our baptism we are ordained--called to be priests— called to use our talents in service to Christ’s mission wherever that might be. None is better or greater than the other. We are all needed.
    Pastor Mdumi is an example of the diversity of services that we can provide, and how we can move from one area to another, always serving the one common mission of Christ: to love and serve our neighbor and to care for God’s beautiful creation.
Pastor Rolf Olson


Unbinding our Future

Dear Friends,

We have been working through
various aspects of evangelism the past few weeks. About 40 RELCers have been
meeting in small groups to discuss this more deeply through Unbinding Your Heart, but all of us in
worship have been exploring it together on Sunday mornings. It is a fact that
most Lutherans do not talk about what we believe. It is also obvious that if we
don’t talk about it, then others will have little reason to come near us to
explore what the Christian faith might offer them. The sad outcome is the
demise of the Lutherans.

BUT!!! RELC is working to change
that direction. We have been working at a positive understanding of evangelism:
“sharing something you enjoy with others
that you like.”
  Isn’t that great? We
do it with recipes, with gardening tips, with sports stories. Why not with the
deepest meaning in our lives? With that positive understanding we can talk with
others and explain what is behind our worship, our lives
of loving service, our focus on forgiveness over revenge.

Long after our six weeks emphasis is over we will need to
continue to build on this focus. A baby step now will need to be followed by
giant steps into our future. Please continue to pray for this process. We will
talk more about this at a congregational information session after worship on
Sunday,  June 29. Please make every
effort to attend.

Your fellow servant in Christ,

Pastor Rolf Olson

For complete copies of the last three months of "The Good News" newsletter of Richfield Lutheran Church -

please check under the designated tab on the righthand side of this page.



The Colors of the Church Seasons

Color, like music, plays an important role in the life of God's worshiping people. Just as music is the "handmaiden to theology," liturgical color complements the message of the seasons and occasions during the church year. Taking a familiar seat in the sanctuary preceding worship on any given Sunday, and the worshiper's emotions and intellect are immediately engaged by color. Liturgical colors aid in establishing a climate in which Law and Gospel may be heard and received.

Color, like light which is its source, is most helpful when it is pleasing as well as stimulating to the senses. However, let's never forget its primary role in divine worship: Color allows us to see the Light of Life, Jesus Christ. At Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church, we see light reflected in our beautiful Christ window throughout the year in many different ways, depending on the location of the sun and the cloud cover of the morning.  At RELC, we follow the liturgical calendar.   The paraments, vestments, altar clothes, banners, traditionally employed each Sunday, must be seen as more than an attempt to decorate, or give accent to the chancel. They reflect the liturgical season we are currently in. 

Traditionally, five basic colors of a festive, penitential, and neutral nature have been used in most liturgical congregations. At RELC we use blue, white, purple, red, green, and black.  Following the church calendar (that begins with Advent in December) here is a brief listing of what colors go with what seasons:

BLUE is the more contemporary color increasingly used by many congregations in their observance of a new church year. Advent takes place four weeks prior to Christmas

WHITE is the color Christmas and Epiphany and takes us through Transfiguration Sunday - the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

PURPLE is the color of Lent and is used in church settings from Ash Wednesday through Maundy Thursday.

BLACK  is seen very seldom during the year. It appears on Good Friday and is seen on the altar and cross.  The absense of light and the stark surrounding of the sanctuary send a sobering message of Good Friday.

WHITE is used for the season of Easter that takes us from Easter Sunday 50 days to the beginning of Pentecost.

RED is used on Pentecost Sunday and then during the season of Pentecost, the paraments change to Green. Red is also used in late October for Reformation Sunday.

GREEN is by far the most common color seen during the year. Lutheran Worship calls for its use during the seasons Pentecost.

On Christ the King Sunday, in late November, Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrates the church year by combining every color of the liturgical season into a celebration worship that leads us through the many seasons of the church before we start a new church year, the next Sunday, the beginning of Advent.

We invite you to join us any Sunday morning for worship at see the many colors of the church seasons reflected in our rainbow effected Christ Window at Richfield Lutheran at 9:30am.

40 Days of Thankful Living - Fall Faith Focus

So the question is: What are you grateful for?"

Richfield Lutheran is just finishing it's first week of "40 Days of Gratitude." A reflective opportunity where we dedicate the next 40 days to the power of gratitude. This spiritual program supports people in looking for and finding the blessings in one's life. Our lives are filled with good that often goes unnoticed.

Little things - like being thankful for the seasons and the beautiful colors that we call Autumn surround is - or the fact that we have eyesight to see the changing of the seasons. The joy in stopping for a moment to enjoy the sunrise or sunset! The ability to share love with family and friends. You get the idea!

So join the conversation in two ways: 1) there is a journal you can use (you can pick it up any time in the church office) - or 2) go to the RLC Facebook page (search: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/333773036793558) and leave a post of what you are grateful for!

Together we can share in the joy that comes in conversation about the many ways we have gratitude for the blessings of God.

Our fall sermon series will bring a different focus of "40 Days of Thankful Living" to light each week at 9:15 or 10:45 worship!  Together we can open the eyes of our hearts to the many things God has blessed us with each day as we look at the world around us!

RLC Voted Best.....

The readers have voted - and we were surprised to find out:

Richfield Lutheran Church made the "Best of 2014" as chosen by the Richfield Sun Current in the categories of:

A)  Best Pastoral Leadership - Pastor Rolf Olson


B)  Best Youth Group - The Y-LIFE Youth


Thank you everyone for this wonderful honor.  We will continue to make you proud in 2014 - and beyond!

Faith, Fun and Fellowship For All Ages


We embrace children in church where the littlest voices engage in church as they coo and cry, talk and giggle in praise to the Lord.  Our "Sunday School" is on Wednesday Nights and Faith Education resumes September 11 with "PB&J Kids Bible Adventures" 6:30 - 7:30 weekly for Preschool - 3rd Graders (See September 08 Kick off article on the side bar for details).  Our "Confirmation Plus" workshops are held the second Saturday of each month startingSeptember 14 from noon - 5 p.m.

Children's Bulletins are available for littles as well as busy bags during both worship services Sunday.  See an usher for details.  Changing stations are located in our restrooms

 Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church: a place for everyone,

 where faith, fun, and fellowship go hand-in-hand.



Cover Photo

WELCOME - Come B.R.E.W. with us...

Welcome to Richfield Lutheran Church!

Come B.R.E.W. community with us this fall - as we striving to be a place that is Building Relationships - Enhancing theWorld each and every day!  We are blessed to be a thriving Christian community centered on God’s grace in the Lutheran tradition. We welcome all who seek to meet the Risen Christ in worship and ministry and serve our community in his name. Actually, our mission statement lays it out: Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church (RELC)Reaching out to Everyone with the Love ofChrist. We strive to embody our faith and mission in our own community and across the globe with partners nearby (Latino, African American, Russian) and in Tanzania.  We invite you to join us in this mission as we share the truth and love of God in Jesus Christ.  So, if you are part of this congregation, I thank God for you and your participation with us.  If you are just begining acquainted with us, we look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you the wonder of this faith we share!  Welcome and God bless you!

 Pastor Rolf Olson


  Join us in Service at The Weavers Wholeness Center!

Free Community Meals to Serve or Receive every Sunday   afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall 


ALL are welcome! 



Come B.R.E.W. with us this week!



Let us bring your prayer petition to the RELC church family next Sunday morning.  If you have a prayer joy or concern - here's what you do.

1.  Go to the home page


2.  Under "Site Navigation" click the Contact Us tab


3.  List your prayer concern there and we will include it during our next Sunday morning worship.  If you want us to reply to you - please let us know that, too and we will be in touch.


For more immediate concerns - please feel free to contact the church office at 612 861 2265.  God's richest blessings on your day!


Bible Study Options at RELC

There are seasonal studies and book discussions happening throughout the year at
Richfield Lutheran Church.  Please call the church office at 612.861.2265 to see what options are available at this time!
Men's Ministry Bible Study and Breakfast Fellowship
1st & 3rd Saturday Mornings each month 7:30am
in the Mary Martha Room
Contact the church office, or Earl Evanstad at (612) 861-4793

Women of Faith Coffee & Conversation Group
2ns Saturday morning every other month - resumes September 2014

Wednesday Night Music Options For Adults

At Richfield Evangelical Lutheran Church we have two Wednesday night music options for adults:

 6:30pm to 7:30pm - HANDBELLS 

Meets in the Sanctuary

The Top Ten Reasons to Play in the Jubilation Ringers:

 10. JuBELLation!  
 9.   Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. (It's a Wonderful Life)
 8.   You miss playing in the high school band.
 7.   You enjoy being a ding-a-ling. 
 6.   Develop your eye-hand coordination. 
 5.   You will be a mover and a shaker. 

 4.   Build your biceps. 
 3.   Learning music!
 2.   Team work.
 1.   "Think when the bells do chime, 'Tis angels' music." -George Herbert




7:30pm to 9:00pm - SENIOR CHOIR 

Meets in the Choir Room


The Top Ten Reasons to sing in the Choir:

 10. Your favorite movie is Sister Act.
 9.   The side door conveniently located for early departure. 

 8.   The best way to start the week is on a high note.
 7.   When Pastor Rolf starts “preaching to the choir,” he’ll be preaching to you!
 6.   Enjoy reserved seating on Easter Sunday.
 5.   It's like American Idol, but we let you stay.
 4.   Breathe deeply, oxygenate those tired blood cells after work. 
 3.   Sing your faith with others.  
 2.   Help lead worship.
 1.   Exercise your musical gifts to the glory of God. 


For more information about these Music Ministry programs, contact the church office at (612) 861-2265.


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