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CCCC is a child care center located at the Richfield Lutheran facility. CCCC (4c) serves children from 6 weeks through 3rd Grade. Click on the name above for a link to the CCCC web site.

Our Mission

Com4C Child Care Centermunity Child Care Center’s mission is to ensure that every child feels love and success everyday.

We prepare children for success in school!
  • We use the Creative Curriculum, a reseach-based curriculum designed to aid in children’s growth and development and proven to support school readiness .
  • Our staff are trained in fostering emergent literacy.
  • Area kindergarten teachers report that CCCC children begin school ready to learn.

We celebrate diversity! We celebrate families!

  • Classrooms celebrate each child in the context of their family.

We nurture secure relationships!

  • Teachers interact at children’s eye level.

  • We encourage children from a very young age to label, identify and express feelings.

  • We help children create positive social interactions with their peers.

Contact Us:
Community Child Care Center
8 West 60th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419-2553

Phone: (612) 861-4303
Fax: (612) 861-7837

“At CCCC learning is fun!”