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Summer 2018 Update Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,


Eight months ago we launched RLC’s 2020 Future Fund capital campaign with a goal of raising $150,000 over 3 years.  As of this month, we have pledges over $60,000 and have received contributions of approximately $18,000.  That is a good start, but we have a long way to go.  And we need to hear from many more of our members.


Tax time has come and gone.  The good news is that the US economy remains strong, with stock market investments up 10% in the last year and bond interest rates increasing slowly. Even better, the recent tax reform act tried to give a tax break to most of us, while preserving the charitable deduction and especially the ability to gift appreciated stock and take the market value deduction without having to pay capital gains tax.  For example, someone who paid $500 for stock that is now worth $1500 can donate the stock shares to RLC claiming the full $1500 as a deduction and pay no tax on the $1000 capital gain.


Our church needs the support of every member, inasmuch as you are able.  Please consider making a multi-year pledge for 2018-2020 and making a cash or stock donation this year to start things off.  A gift of $500 a year over three years would bring $1500 to the Fund.  $400 a year would bring in $1200 by 2020 and so on.  These funds will be invested and used as needed to meet key maintenance costs regarding the church roof, sidewalks, parking lots, and mechanical equipment.  They will also buffer us while we are in transition between pastors.


Our 14-year-old son was recently confirmed in the church.  The presiding bishop said that in return for receiving God’s grace and the Holy Spirit in the sacrament, the confirmands should “pay it forward” by using their own unique gifts and talents for the work of the church.  Whether in music, drama, youth ministry, as lectors, ushers, altar servers, or helping others in need, this is how we can all BE the church.  We should let the fire of the Holy Spirit re-kindle our own spiritual life of learning and service.


You can help re-kindle the life of RLC by doing 3 things.

First, pray for our church, this capital fund, and our search for a new pastor.

Second, come to church to attend worship and other special events.

Third, make a pledge and give to support RLC and this 2020 Future Fund.


We appreciate your dedication and support of RLC.  Together we can BE the church

in support of God’s mission and ministry in the community and the world.




Lee Bachman and

Paul Francis,

Campaign Campaign Co-Chairs


30 Day Update – October 22, 2017

“RLC’s 2020 Future Fund capital campaign has started!  After 30 days, we have received approx $30,000 in pledges and about $7,000 in donations. This is is good news!  You can track how the campaign is doing by viewing the thermometer chart in the church narthex across from the office.

Our timing for launching the campaign was good, because the economy is strong and most stock indexes are at all time highs, having achieved double-digit gains this year.  With that in mind, we want to remind you of the advantage of contributing to the campaign with gifts of appreciated stock.  By doing so, you get to deduct the current market value of the stock and avoid paying any capital gains tax.  It is easy to do by having your broker or bank contact RLC’s broker at Merrill Lynch to transfer the stock directly to RLC’s capital account. (Carol Danielson in the office has the details 612 861 2265). The stock will then be sold in RLC’s account and you will receive a confirmation from Merrill Lynch on the sales price and a letter from RLC on the net value of your gift to use for your tax reporting. It’s a win-win for both the donor and the church!

Finally, as we approach year end, you can also donate all or a portion of your mandatory IRA or 401-k distribution to RLC and avoid paying income tax on that amount. The only stipulation is the check must go from the IRA or 401-k administrator directly to the church rather than through your checking account.

Thank you for your continued financial support as we march forward together in RLC’s “2020 Future Fund!”

LeeBachman, Capital Campaign Chair

The 2020 Future Fund Begins

20/20 Vision.  It’s what we all long for.  It is that clear, crisp vision that allows us to see God’s creation all around us!  As we look around RLC, we realize that things aren’t like they use to be.  In our familiarity, sometimes we tend to overlook and not see how ‘shop worn’ our church has become.  Our church is in need of a “faith-lift” for our future!

As we know, with any facility or organization, upkeep and maintenance is required to keep things going.  Our current facility is almost 60 years old and needs some loving care, a coat of paint, new cement work and some serious infra-structure maintenance to continue to be a vital hub in our community!  Things like lighting, signage, curb, sidewalk. kitchen upkeep and roofing are huge parts of that infra-structure that allows us to be a multi-use facility;  Sundays and all week long!

With our 2020 Future Fund, your contributions can help support this needed “Faith-Lift.”  Some simple things have already been put in place, like new LED Narthex lighting, colorful coats of paint on interior walls and updated A/V technology.  All of these things create a sense of “newness and welcome” to our facility for us and our community.  Our efforts will provide a place and space for future and varied generations to also call RLC their “church home.”

So as you prepare your pledge card, please prayerfully ask yourself, “How can I give to help create a clear, crisp 2020 Vision for RLC’s future?”  Our 2020 Future Fund is a capital appeal and we are asking that you give as you can “above and beyond” your regular offering giving to support this effort.  In addition, there are many other ways to give; through volunteering for ‘faith-lift’ projects, by attending worship often, volunteering at community outreach events like Fall Festival, attending community outreach events like concerts and theater productions and always continue in joyful prayer as we strive to “BE the church for the future” with 2020 vision today.


With sincere gratitude,


The RLC Generosity Team