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"Together we will BE the church by living out God’s gifts in the community and the world!"

     Richfield Lutheran Church and Creative Early Learning Center are deeply saddened and outraged by the killing of Daunte Wright by law enforcement in Brooklyn Center on April 11. We stand in solidarity with our African American staff members, childcare families and community.  

     Especially given the ongoing Derek Chauvin trial, this murder has compounded the pain and loss our community is already experiencing, and we grieve with all of you.  

     As a Christian Community we denounce police brutality, racism, and all forms of discrimination, and we firmly believe that Black Lives Matter. As a community we will continue to strive to overcome the deep inequality that so many of us are affected by. Black Lives Matter.  

In Solidarity, 

Richfield Lutheran Church and Creative Early Learning Center   

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News & Notes

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